Thursday, August 29, 2013

TV Shows

Since September is just around the corner and lots of good shows will be back on TV I thought I would do a little recap on my fav shows.

I have to admit, since getting netflix I really don't watch much tv. I keep it on for background noise when I am at home alone and TLC is always a good channel for that...I think I have seen every episode of 4 weddings ever aired. 

The show I am most looking forward to starting up again is Grey's Anatomy. I am a die hard fan. As in I'll admit they have had some highs and lows but I am sticking with them. I also stuck with Private Practice until its untimely demise last season. 

I hear this is Christina Yang's last season on Grey's so who knows where it will go. It starts up September 26th with a two hour premiere!

My other fall show is Modern Family. What's not to love. Its bloody hilarious and their page a day calendar keeps me going year round!

My summer show which is just finishing up is Suits. It is filmed in Toronto but supposed to be NYC. This show is unreal! Its Boston legal meets Grey's Anatomy, meets Sex and the City!  There is fashion, comedy, mystery, beautiful people and a great story line. whatmoredoyouwant?! 

That's pretty much it for cable (may cancel that soon, because move over sister Netflix is taking charge! Netflix has allowed me to jump into a few new shows and by new I mean old. My first addiction was 24..If you have a man in your life and you need a relationship show, I definitely recommend this one. You will enjoy it and your man will love you forever. Just a warning its hard to not get caught up in watching them. We once spent a month watching no tv or any move, just a season of 24. #dontjudge

My next Netflix love is a Netflix original called Orange is the new black. It's sort of off beat, quirky,  and a little graphic but its quite funny. They just have the first season up so far, but the second won't be far behind. Check it out

What are your favourite fall shows? Anyone else still watching Grey's?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Wednesday Update + Engagement Session Preview

It is so satisfying to cross items off my list and realize things are actually getting done. Here is where things stand currently, the ones in yellow are recent. 

Set a date Dec. 28 2013
Book Church
Book reception venue
Book photographer
Book videographer
Book music (Jeff's list)
Ask wedding party
                                                              Create wedding website see it here 
Book florist
Buy wedding dress
Book ceremony musician
                                                                    Engagement Photos See pics below
                                                         Engagement Party Invitations
Select & Order bridesmaid dresses
Select and order groom & groomsmen attire
Select and order flower girl dresses * need to get on this*
Purchase veil and accessories for dress
Book cake baker
Cake Tasting - can't wait!
Buy cake knife & server Borrowing from my sister
Order save the dates 
Finalize guest list
Send save the dates
Book officiant
Pre-marital counseling
Order guest book
Hotel room blocks
Hire calligrapher
Wedding  announcement
Find wedding shoes - cant wait to wear em!!
Find wedding jewelry - need earrings!
Find garter (apparently Jeff is totally against this)
Book makeup artist & hair stylist
Menu tasting
Hair & make up trial
1st dress fitting
2nd dress fitting
Create/Order  ceremony programs
Order invitations (found them!)
Mail invitations
Rehearsal dinner? - not sure if we are doing one
Book Bridesmaids Lunch
Wedding Favours - Going to do a donation
Book transportation (done, Jeff's List)
Buy bridal party gifts
Order gifts for parents

Gifts for flower girls and ring bearer
Bachelorette party
Bridal shower
Purchase wedding bands
Put together picture list for photographer
Get marriage license
Book honeymoon (Jeff's List) So excited! We are going to Sandels in Antigua!
Music selections to band and ceremony artist
Order thank you notes
Wedding announcement
Seating Chart

Evening timeline for M/C
Write thank you speech

Walk down the aisle & say I do!

Here are some of the pictures from our photo session with our wedding photographers - Ilo Photography.

If I could go back and do something differently, would I? Yes, different hair and outfits haha but whatcanyoudo? We ended up with a grey day so all things considered I am quiet happy with them!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Anti-Inflammatory Diet/Cleanse

A couple weeks ago I went to a naturopth and got the full million question interview etc. I love going to a naturopath vs a Dr. if only to see about the things they ask and care about. I know its not for everyone, but I believe in it.

I want more energy and also to solve some stomach/digestive issues. Based on some initial questions she determined I have adrenal fatigue and recommended a licorice based, adrenal gland supplement that will help raise my very low blood pressure and help to get my adrenal glands back functioning. After a week of taking the supplements I noticed a big difference in being able to spring out of bed more easily in the morning and also having more energy throughout the day. I will continue with this and also maybe try acupuncture.

As for my stomach problems - unattractive consequences to most foods - she suggested doing a food sensitivity test. For 7-10 days before the test I had to consume 1-2 servings of the 96 foods they would be testing ie: fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, etc. Then on test day they do a finger prick and send it away for testing. I now have to wait 4 weeks for the results. In the mean time she recommended the anti inflammatory diet cleanse along with going dairy and gluten free. I am already lactose so that helps, doing the rest though is a bit of a commitment. If only because it says no peanut butter or wine (or any alcohol but wine is all the counts to me).

On Friday night I had my last meal, as it were. We went golfing with some friends and out for dinner where I indulged in their delicious home made bread and hummus, pan seared tuna, halibut and a sorry excuse for risotto and for dessert....creme framboise carmel...heaven! Ohh and a very large glass of Kim Crawford white wine. (if you are a white wino try this you will love it!)

Saturday morning I began the cleanse....

Things I can eat include:
Vegetables (except for potatoes and tomatoes)
Fruit (only 1-2 pieces a day, no citrus)
Seeds, nuts (except peanuts or peanut butter)
Spices (woot!)
Half my weight in ounces of water daily
Meat: lean, organic, turkey and chicken
       all grass fed animals including lamb, buffalo, venison, elk and beef (once or less per week)
Rice Crackers

Things I cannot eat include:
Any animal milk
Commercial eggs (organic ok)
All wheat products (including bread)
Citrus Fruit
Pork, grain fed animals
Any animal cheese
Zero dairy products or things containing dairy
Fruit Juice
Processed Food
Caffeinated Teas/coffee
Corn and Corn Products
White Flour
All dried Fruit (except small amounts of unsulphured)
Fried Foods
Alcohol (le sigh)

My list of eat not is longer then the eat makes cooking interesting. I am on day 3 this morning. Low points of the weekend included not being able to bake and watching my mom and Jeff eat Cheesies while I ate raspberries.

Let's just say I hope this works, let me also apologise in advance if I seem on edge...its because I'm jonesing for some pb, wine, sugar, or chocolate.

I will keep you update on progress. I figure its worth a shot! For my birthday my mom bought me Gwyneth Paltrow's Its' all good cookbook and lots of the recipes are gluten free and cleanse friendly so I am going to try some of those out. First up, mango/avocado salad :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Summer Wreath

This summer I felt the uncontrollable urge to craft. Yep. I said it, I wanted to craft. I wanted  a glue gun and sparkles and some kind of project. Sooo I headed to Michaels Crafts...wandered the aisles for 2 hours, asked for help 30 times and finally left with the supplies to make my own wreath.

I had seen one at a greenhouse I absolutely loved, but for $80 I thought...I could make this myself. Boy was I right, however it cost over $100. Crafts ain't cheap...Lesson #1.

Lesson #2....Don't cheap out on a glue gun...even though it is pink and polka dot. Get one that will bloody well work.

I had seen a wreath on Pinterest, where you basically take a wreath frame, cut up some peonies and glue them, get a bow, learn how to form a bow on your own (HA! not) and stick it on. It wasn't quite this easy. Excuse my pictures, I took them on my soon to be extinct blackberry.

This is the start...I just cut the flowers off their stem and placed them to see how they would look.

View from the back
This is how it looked after my first attempt. I also failed miserably at making a bow, my burlap wasn't wide enough. #burlap problems

The finished product
After my first go at the wreath my mother and grandmother convinced me it needed more and also to be less symmetrical. This is where I learned Lesson#3 I love things to be even, which makes making a "natural" looking flower arrangement damn near impossible. So after weeks of searching I my mother found the perfect bow and extra flowers. I just cut them up and glued them in. Not sure you can see in this not great quality photo but it really does look better.

Lesson #3....maybe I am not so crafty after all time I see a wreath I love for $80 buy the headache!