Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer 2015 Bucket List!

Summer has officially been under way for a week now and with our limited warm weather we have to pack in as much in as we can, as quickly as we can...this is my summer list.

1. Quetico Canoe Trip (have been itching to do this for years) - planned for mid July (Favourite weekend of summer  - planning another for 2016)

2. Go fishing a couple times (I love fishing...and by this I mean drinking something delicious, eating snacks, getting some sun, and catching some delicious pickerel!) (Done - so much pickerel!)

3. Have a rollerblading/bike adventure

4. Learn to run (this is under works, my goal is to do a 5km in early fall. This is only impressive if you know how much I could not run prior. High five to my running buds - Jessica and Finnegan!) (Done, but didn't do 5km race yet)

5. Road trip (Halifax, Digby, PEI in August) Pretty friggin excited for this (done)

6. House project stuff... Get a new front door and paint the outside of the house (new door is in, need to finalize house paint colours) (done! and loving it...still need to paint front door)

7. Quality time with the Huz, golf dates, Sunday Sunday adventures whatever. So far this is not going well, as he works 6.5 days a week and seems to hang out with my father golfing the rest of the time lol (Done - work in progress)

8. Learn to make bread. This has been on my list for ages, but it needs to happen! (I did it...I mastered Rosemary Focacia)

9. Book trip to Singapore & Bali for Shalini's wedding. This is going to be the most amazing trip and experience, can't wait to see these love birds get married! Anyone been to Bali or Singapore and have travel tips? (DONE, although Bali was traded for Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong)

10. BONUS...have one your bff's move home (DONE! Nike is finally back in tbay)

A couple summer pics so far...

My Running Buddy! 

Golf Trip 

I have decided Finnegan is my spirit animal.