Monday, August 12, 2013

Anti-Inflammatory Diet/Cleanse

A couple weeks ago I went to a naturopth and got the full million question interview etc. I love going to a naturopath vs a Dr. if only to see about the things they ask and care about. I know its not for everyone, but I believe in it.

I want more energy and also to solve some stomach/digestive issues. Based on some initial questions she determined I have adrenal fatigue and recommended a licorice based, adrenal gland supplement that will help raise my very low blood pressure and help to get my adrenal glands back functioning. After a week of taking the supplements I noticed a big difference in being able to spring out of bed more easily in the morning and also having more energy throughout the day. I will continue with this and also maybe try acupuncture.

As for my stomach problems - unattractive consequences to most foods - she suggested doing a food sensitivity test. For 7-10 days before the test I had to consume 1-2 servings of the 96 foods they would be testing ie: fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, etc. Then on test day they do a finger prick and send it away for testing. I now have to wait 4 weeks for the results. In the mean time she recommended the anti inflammatory diet cleanse along with going dairy and gluten free. I am already lactose so that helps, doing the rest though is a bit of a commitment. If only because it says no peanut butter or wine (or any alcohol but wine is all the counts to me).

On Friday night I had my last meal, as it were. We went golfing with some friends and out for dinner where I indulged in their delicious home made bread and hummus, pan seared tuna, halibut and a sorry excuse for risotto and for dessert....creme framboise carmel...heaven! Ohh and a very large glass of Kim Crawford white wine. (if you are a white wino try this you will love it!)

Saturday morning I began the cleanse....

Things I can eat include:
Vegetables (except for potatoes and tomatoes)
Fruit (only 1-2 pieces a day, no citrus)
Seeds, nuts (except peanuts or peanut butter)
Spices (woot!)
Half my weight in ounces of water daily
Meat: lean, organic, turkey and chicken
       all grass fed animals including lamb, buffalo, venison, elk and beef (once or less per week)
Rice Crackers

Things I cannot eat include:
Any animal milk
Commercial eggs (organic ok)
All wheat products (including bread)
Citrus Fruit
Pork, grain fed animals
Any animal cheese
Zero dairy products or things containing dairy
Fruit Juice
Processed Food
Caffeinated Teas/coffee
Corn and Corn Products
White Flour
All dried Fruit (except small amounts of unsulphured)
Fried Foods
Alcohol (le sigh)

My list of eat not is longer then the eat makes cooking interesting. I am on day 3 this morning. Low points of the weekend included not being able to bake and watching my mom and Jeff eat Cheesies while I ate raspberries.

Let's just say I hope this works, let me also apologise in advance if I seem on edge...its because I'm jonesing for some pb, wine, sugar, or chocolate.

I will keep you update on progress. I figure its worth a shot! For my birthday my mom bought me Gwyneth Paltrow's Its' all good cookbook and lots of the recipes are gluten free and cleanse friendly so I am going to try some of those out. First up, mango/avocado salad :)

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