Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Summer Wreath

This summer I felt the uncontrollable urge to craft. Yep. I said it, I wanted to craft. I wanted  a glue gun and sparkles and some kind of project. Sooo I headed to Michaels Crafts...wandered the aisles for 2 hours, asked for help 30 times and finally left with the supplies to make my own wreath.

I had seen one at a greenhouse I absolutely loved, but for $80 I thought...I could make this myself. Boy was I right, however it cost over $100. Crafts ain't cheap...Lesson #1.

Lesson #2....Don't cheap out on a glue gun...even though it is pink and polka dot. Get one that will bloody well work.

I had seen a wreath on Pinterest, where you basically take a wreath frame, cut up some peonies and glue them, get a bow, learn how to form a bow on your own (HA! not) and stick it on. It wasn't quite this easy. Excuse my pictures, I took them on my soon to be extinct blackberry.

This is the start...I just cut the flowers off their stem and placed them to see how they would look.

View from the back
This is how it looked after my first attempt. I also failed miserably at making a bow, my burlap wasn't wide enough. #burlap problems

The finished product
After my first go at the wreath my mother and grandmother convinced me it needed more and also to be less symmetrical. This is where I learned Lesson#3 I love things to be even, which makes making a "natural" looking flower arrangement damn near impossible. So after weeks of searching I my mother found the perfect bow and extra flowers. I just cut them up and glued them in. Not sure you can see in this not great quality photo but it really does look better.

Lesson #3....maybe I am not so crafty after all time I see a wreath I love for $80 buy the headache!

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