Thursday, August 11, 2016

Our Canoe Trip

I am happy to say we returned safely from our canoe trip adventure! I was nervous going with just the 3 of us, but we were just fine. I edited our packing list in this previous post and added things I wish I had brought, thankfully there were not many. 

The weather held out for the most part and we spent the weekend fishing, swimming, playing cards, paddling around and cooking! We are so lucky to have these beautiful provincial parks in our back yard for exploring and enjoying.

I only brought my cell phone because it has a waterproof case so my pictures are limited. 
View from our campsite - with a beautiful rainbow and no one else in sight!

Things I have learned from this trip:
- Spending time in nature is good for the soul
- Paddles work very well as serving tools
- I only want to be on camping trips as long as the ice, in my cooler full of drinks, survives (3-4 days) #glamping
- I am super into ciders this summer, specifically this delicious grapefruit raddler - try it!!
- Always bring decent pillow & sleeping pills (or gravol)
- I am so glad a married a guy who enjoys and is useful in the outdoors! *put this on your list ladies*
- Plan at least one camping trip per year

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