Friday, August 11, 2017


Thinking that dropping my cell phone in the lake *oops* has given me a nice break from it. While I am nervous to see if they are able to retrieve my pictures and contacts etc *please please please* it has also been a very lovely, quiet week - Holla at my on the land line friends. I feel free AF!

Loving Kelly LeVeque's Body Love book, it's my new bible. Just read it.

My happy place is watching America's Got Talent - definitely the best thing on TV in summer. My 3 favs are Preacher Lawson the comedian, the young girl ventriloquist and the dog acts. 

Wishing summer would heat the hell back up and stick around for a while! Today I start another week of holidays and am hoping we get some nice weather for our canoe trip! I am not ready for fall!

Looking forward to TRANSFER MONTH!! It is here, I started the 4-6 week process today. Please send me all the good vibes, I am anxious and nervous as all hell. This is our one shot to transfer our perfect frozen embaby!

Admitting  my summer to do list is coming along very slowly. Hoping to paint our door next week. I am thinking Rogelio de la Vega would approve, if you catch my drift. I discovered this amazing app called Colour Sap, you take a picture of whatever you want to paint and then can play around with the colours, its amazing, way better then trying to decide from a tiny paint chip. My family photo wall supplies have all been purchased and I have wrapping paper outlines on my getting close on that project, just need to hang and then fill the frames *argh*

Deciding on a new camera to buy. I am going to sell my Cannon 60D with all the lens, bag, million accessories and backtrack to an easier, smaller, camera. I am looking at the mirrorless cameras. I want one that is small, portable, easy to hold, has wifi uploading, take great pics and is an awesome, easy camera..if you have any suggestions please let me know! Looking at the Fuji XA3, Sony A500 or Cannon G1X Mark 2 

 Well that is all for today...

Have a fabulous weekend!