Thursday, April 28, 2016

My travel must haves

Travel Must Haves

                                                    Okay, so I don't pack light.

From all my travels recently and as I get ready for NYC I have been thinking a lot about my travel must haves. Here is my list:

Bose noise cancelling headphones: Want to tune out that engine noise? crying baby? loud sniffer? or those annoying announcements about the cruising altitude of the plane? Well then, these headphones are for you! The ear muff style create some sort of pressure chamber for my head, so I can't wear those and I did not think these ear buds would work as well, but I was wrong. I bought a pair for the huz for Christmas (to be the test run) and I just used my regular apple head phones for our Asia trip. #BIGregrets. As Jeff listened to movies in perfect isolation from the goings on of a completely full plane with 300+ passengers, I heard every sniff, snore, and movement. Fool me only once...I have just received this pair in the mail. Thank you Visa points!Find them here

Snacks: If you haven't figured me out yet, I am ALL.about.the.snacks. I can't fathom travel without them, and you never know your airport options. My mother in law is my kindred spirit, we once picked her up for a trip to the states and moments after leaving her driveway she pulled from her purse, sliced aged cheddar cheese, gourmet crackers, wine, and spiced meat; she went next level! I usually only make my own travel mix at the bulk zone, some beef jerky for Jeff, gum, and chocolate covered gummy bears when I can find them. I am also in love with Nugo protein bars, they taste amazing and are so handy to have in your purse to avoid hangry moments. 

Tea bags: I am a tea lover and non coffee drinker and I NEVER want to be left with a flight attendants offer of a Tetley tea bag circa I BMO. If you really want to take it up a notch, consider making one of these...then make me one!

Travel Pillow: For long trips and even car trips, this memory foam pillow is glorious. It clips in the front so it doesn't fall off your shoulders, it holds your ipod and it sings you to sleep (kind of).

Sunglasses: enough said. Currently crushing on these and these

Deck of Cards: or monopoly deal (see post here about that). I like to know that if there is a time delay or the opportunity presents itself, I can crush Jeff in a game of Gin Rummy.

Scarf: This is actually a MUST. Block yourself from coughers, or use as a pillow/blanket/backrest/napkin? It serves every purpose, so pack it! Find this one here.

Fit Bit: relish in those 20,000 steps a day because of all the sightseeing. Wearing this will push you take the long route of the non moving sidewalk variety and help you wear off those chocolate gummy bears. Loving this new pink colour!

Herbal Gravol: I get car sick, sea sick, roller-coaster sick etc., but I also have major FOMO,
 so I eat a couple of these babies and I am good to whale watch in the high seas or just survive a long car ride, without the side effect of sleepiness.

Tote Bag: I always bring a carry-on bag that can double as a beach bag, shopping bag, purse holder etc. I love this one from Chapters.

Travel Wallet:  My dear friend Shalini gave me the most fabulous travel wallet from KIKI K a couple years ago, mine is mint green with sparkle polka dots, its gorgeous. It holds my plane tickets, passports, travel itineraries, money etc., its invaluable for travel. Here is their current version.

Comfy & Cute Walking Shoes: fashion can only take you so far, then you need some comfort shoes. loving these ones (currently on sale).

                                      Do you have any unusual but amazing travel must haves?

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