Friday, December 27, 2013

I am getting married tomorrow!

December has flown by! Christmas came and went and now its wedding eve...

On Christmas Eve we picked up our friends from Australia at the airport. The poor things travelled 3 days to make it for Christmas eve and it has been so wonderful having them here. On Christmas day we slept in, opened stockings and played in the snow! It is fun to play outside with Aussie's who are soaking in all things winter, they shoveled, had a snow ball fight,  went snowshoing and walking on the frozen lake.

On Boxing Day we made another return to the airport to pick up another bridesmaid and dear friend, Vikki!! We were all so tired after  a pancake breakfast and a dress fitting we spent the day drinking hot toddy's and watching the Godfather marathon on TV. It was the perfect relaxing day!

Today we have our bridesmaid lunch and rehearsal! Everything feels very surreal but I am so excited.

In 24 hours we are taking the plunge, and I will be Mrs. Jones....

Pictures and stories to follow....


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