Monday, November 11, 2013

Wedding Shower

Hello friends, Happy Monday (no this week its not an oxymoran!) I had a fantastic weekend! On Thursday night my aunts, cousin, mother, mother in law to be and sister hosted a cocktail wedding shower for me. It was so much fun, it was amazing to have all my friends, family and family to be all together.

My Aunt decorated her house in Christmas theme as that is the theme for our wedding (well winter wonderland) but anyways it was just stunning, definitely a good jump start into the Christmas season!

Everyone's generosity was overwhelming, Jeff and I receieved so many beautiful things for the house...soon to be "our" house! Side note: after we brought all the presents into the house and it looked like we just moved in Jeff turns to me and says "wow a wedding shower really prepares a woman to be a housewife." With all kitchen cooking and baking stuff it would certainly seem that way...and I am totally good with that (you should see all my fun new baking tools!)


The Amazing ladies that hosted the shower

My Mom and I

Some of my BM's

Grandma and granddaughters :)


After a fun game where they read me the 1955 rules for being a good wife...let's just say I am sure glad I wasn't getting married then!

Jeff registered for this and was so excited we got it. It was from our beautiful flower girl Claire.

Instead of giving cards everyone was asked to give an ornament it was so nice! I am very excited as we don't have any special ornaments and now we have ones chosen by our closest friends that are so beautiful!!

Thank you again to all these wonderful ladies!! Tomorrow I will post about the bachelorette party. All I can say is that it was amazing and as a teaser the theme was Bride is the New Black (based off of Orange is the New Black)


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  1. Aww that sounds so amazing. Wish I was there. Looks like you had an amazing time :) xoxo