Saturday, May 20, 2017

Meal Prep 101

You know I love organizing, so weekly meal prep takes that to another level. I tried "meal planning" where I would choose a few recipes to make for the week and shop for everything on the weekend, then cook as needed throughout the week. This was not very effective for me and I fell out of the routine quickly.

 I have always been fascinated by people who do meal prep where everything is cooked at once and ready in the fridge. After finding some Instagram inspiration I showed by husband, who to my great surprise said, "I'm in to help and do the shopping." Once I picked my jaw up off the floor I realized this could work on so many levels.

1. Getting to cook with Jeff, which I love, but he is so busy it rarely happens / it could be a weekly date activity (yep, we lead an exciting life I tell ya)
2. Healthy food ready at all times
3. More free time during the weekday evenings without having to cook and do dishes
4. An added bonus, it has to be a cost savings, with less eating out

I know this process will get easier as I figure out quantities and more efficient ways to do things. Some people put every item into individual containers ready to go for each meal, but for us, this was not necessary. I put snacks in individual containers ready to go and some lunches, but dinners could be in a big container to be plated as needed.

Here was my Instagram inspiration from

Week 1

I don't prep breakfasts as this gives me a chance to be flexible and decide what I feel like on the day. Most often I make smoothies or oatmeal with berries.

Lunches & Dinners
- turkey meatloaf (Side note: I actually hated this recipe, but Jeff enjoyed it - ketchup & turkey *barf*)
- chicken kung pao
- slow cooker honey teriyaki chicken (to die for)
- sliced peppers and snap peas
- brown rice
- vegetable quinoa
- salad (romaine lettuce cut and washed with shredded carrots)

- cut up pineapple & watermelon
- hard boiled eggs
- unicorn cookies
- apples and natural peanut butter (me)
- almonds (Jeff)

I would change up items for each meal, some days it was chicken on salad for lunch or chicken on quinoa for dinner. It was all there AND ready AND we ate it all!

Feelings after week one? LOVE this...but more cooked veggies next week.

Do you have any favourite make ahead recipes? 

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