Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Things I am loving lately: Winter Hygge favourites

Hygge: (Pronounced - Hoo-Ga) basically my life motto of being cozy, is now the center of a popular book called The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well. Hygge is Danish word mean enjoying warmth and friendship, and it is apparently the reason the Danish are the happiest people on earth. Nearly all of my winter favs center around it so here we go:

Eye Studio Sampler
Beauty: Mascara pack from Shoppers (okay not so much this one for Hygge). I got this for Christmas from my mom. It is 8 of the most popular mascaras, you try the samples and then cash in a coupon for a full size of your favourite. Who doesn't love trying mascaras? If you are looking for a new one try this pack out!

TV: Currently watching on Netflix: The Good Wife and Jane the Virgin.
My friend Gen always has the best recommendations so when she said watch The Good Wife, I dove in. It's so entertaining (I know I am about 5 years behind on this trend) and Matt Czuchry is in it and I love him long time. I spent several days over the Christmas holidays curled up watching binging on a couple seasons. #worthit
Jane the Virgin was a random find,  it's very quirky but funny and cute. I would say it has a similar vibe to The Mindy Project, if it were a telenovela (Spanish soap); it's mindless fun.

Clothing: Eddie Bauer pants: If you live somewhere with a long, cold winter, you need a pair of these pants. They are fleece lined with a windbreaker outer layer. I throw them over my pants and stay cozy warm on my long walks with Finnegan. Every time I wear them, I think to myself "I freaking love these pants."

Book: The Year of Cozy My sister got me this book for Christmas, it's full of cute DIY's, recipes and homemade ideas. It is broken down by season so I am looking forward to trying a few of her winter ideas.
Body: Omnipae Pedi Perfect. It looks like it could be one of those overrated gimmicks, but let me and my butter soft feet tell you it is not! I love this thing and ain't nobody want to get cozy with someone with rough feet, so go get one!

Tea: Celestial Seasonings - Sleepytime Vanilla: This is my all-time favourite evening tea. I love chamomile and this tea takes it to the next level adding a little vanilla, it is perfection. I usually have a cup of this every night.
Also worth noting since it is in this pic, I am a huge fan of Dr. Oz's magaine (random I know) it is loaded with great information, recipes etc.

Wishing you a winter filled with lots of Hygge, so grab your favourite cup of cocoa, some cozy socks and enjoy a little happy, cozy time!  Do you have any fun winter favourites?

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