Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer 2016 List

I am a lister. My lists have lists. Those lists have lists. I wish I was kidding I love lists! They GSD (get sh*t done!). I prefer fun lists to chore lists, duh, so with is my Summer 2016 to do list.

1. Canoe/fishing trip -in the works for August (done and it was amazing!)

2. Train and Run a 5km race (it's my marathon, don't judge..ran it 4 times wooot!)

3. Print album of Asia trip - sort through 3000 photos :( (shit still not done this)

4. Landscape the front of our house (argh, I hate this one already)  (done)

5. Make a succulent centerpiece

6. Figure out how to do a backyard movie and host a party (Weekend at Bernie's - it's happening!) ( was the best!)

7. Go on a hike/picnic (done, went for my birthday!)

8. Learn how to fully cut/groom Finnegan. Quick story: Last summer he was skinned cut into a french poodle. This year (at a new groomer) she ignored all requests, cut him down (not to french poodle, but) far down enough he got razor burn and hot spots and I got $200 vet bill and one miserable puppy. So I think it's time I figure this one out for both Finn and I's sake. His haircut inspiration (yes, dogs have this too) is Professor Ramen on Instagram - look him up!

The poodle cut as it grew out 

This Friday is Canada Day, so we are headed to camp to swim, fish, get some sun and finish up the new fire pit. Between all of us there are 3 dogs, so to get them into the spirit (because I am sure they will care), I have decided to make Canada themed dog bandanas. Yup, I'm going there and I cannot wait. When I was at the fabric store a girl gave me a nod and said "dog bananas?" I was like "yuuup!" "been there" she said, "totally worth it." I just made him an everyday chic plaid one see below, it was surprisingly easy for not using a sewing machine.

Finnegan's new bandana 

Finally, for your summer long weekend pleasure make either of these killer blender drinks  Moijto recipe HERE OR Margarita recipe HERE. 

Happy Sipping! 


  1. That is so amazing. Dog bandanas are so needed 😊

  2. I'm notorious for making lists (like a grocery list), and leaving it at home. #fail

    Happy Canada Day :)

    1. haha I have been there! Hope you had a great long weekend!