Monday, May 30, 2016

My 30th Birthday: The Birthday Book

As today is my 30th Birthday I thought I would share with you a special birthday project my friend Nikey and I came up with. Nikey and I have come up with some crazy ideas over the years, but our crazy ideas have always led to something amazing - like a trip around Europe. In our university days when we were roommates we watched the movie The Bucket List and promptly spent the rest of the night creating our own bucket lists, each over 100 items long. These lists have encouraged us to step outside our comfort zone - sometimes way out - like jump out of a perfectly good plane for the hell of it, but so far it's always turned out well! I think I have more then half my items completed.

Sometime during our 26 year we found ourselves continually saying "I hope when I am older..." "You better not let me do ____ when I am 50" etc. As this kept happening we would just reassure each other that yes, we will be there to remind each other of whatever we needed reminding of later. But then a new idea was born: The Birthday Diary. It would have been ideal to start on our 25th birthday, but we were a year late. Although this project can be started at any age!

My Birthday Book

We both bought journals and spent a couple weeks thinking about what we wanted to tell our 30 year old selves. The idea is that every 5 years on our birthdays I give Nikey her diary and she goes me mine on my birthday. We have a couple weeks to read our past entry, add a picture from our recent birthday and add a new message for the next birthday. This way every five years you have a message, dreams, hopes, goals, reminders, and a glimpse of the past.

What did 26 year old Alexandra think was important? And what did I expect my life at age 30 would look like, versus what it actually is. When I was 26 I had only been dating Jeff for 6 months, although I did write about him, knowing he was the one. Here is the picture from my 26th birthday and a couple excerpts from my book:

If not already, down the road this journal will be an amazing keepsake and a glimpse of different stages of our lives. It will hopefully allow us to remember the things our younger selves wanted us to remember. I also note my favourite hobbies, foods music etc, which is fun to see the changes or what always remains (I can now say Pitbull is not on my favourite music list wtf?!) My 26 year old self was very hopeful of where my life 4 years away would be and although I didn't foresee the infertility issues, I would say everything else is exactly as I hoped.

I am excited to add my 30th entry and make wishes for 35, although let's slow things right down because saying 35 (while I know it is still young) scares me haha

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