Saturday, February 13, 2016

Optimism 101: Baby Update

1 month post miscarriage and I am finally feeling like myself again and in the spirit of that, here is everything I am loving about NOT being pregnant right now (I call it Optimism 101)

- drinking WINE 
- eating spiced meats with wine
- having energy
- drinking WINE
- hot baths
- eating raw cookie dough
- not wondering if I can or cannot eat something
- going snowboarding
- feeling goooood! 

For now, we are going to try and enjoy every minute of this!

I ended up having a d&c in January, which compared to the miscarriages i've had at home, was surprisingly pleasant, you wake up and its just over. This is not to say I wasn't heart broken, empty and a hormonal disaster, because I sure was, but I had the most amazing team of doctors and nurses and with my mother by my side. I could not have been in better hands!

Recently new is the ability for doctors to send the fetus away for testing to see if their was a genetic abnormality. Our doc. has no luck with his patients even getting a result, however last Friday, after I completely forgot about this I got a call from him saying they did get a result and it was a genetic abnormality - Trisomy 16. It happens in 1% of pregnancies...1bloody percent! (I feel like I'm winning the shit lottery) lol There is no telling what happened with the other ones, but it may have been the same (I should buy a lottery ticket). The good news is that this means I am not left wondering if its something with me like needing more progesterone or taking aspirin etc, its something I could have done nothing about.

Our doctor says there is nothing to say our next pregnancy wouldn't be normal, but then again after 4 we aren't ready to find out. He is sending us to meet with a Fertility Dr in April who specializes in multiple miscarriages. He will do some testing and our doctor thinks he will either recommend rolling the dice and trying again or genetic IVF. Which means not only a petrie dish baby...but petrie dish baby where you hand select and screen the ingredients. The IVF process seems so far away, expensive and intense - so for now imma just drink my wine in the hot tub with spiced meats and raw cookie dough haha ;) maybe not in that order! 

Trip Recap and Shalini's Wedding coming soon! 

Happy Valentine's Weekend!

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