Thursday, March 17, 2016

5 things I am currently addicted to

5 things I am loving lately

1. I am addicted to sparking water, but this Black Cherry Sparking Water takes it to a new level. It tastes like how I wish Dr. Pepper Cherry tasted...and its all natural. I cannot wait to make some fun summer cocktails with this. Find it at any grocery store.

2. Monopoly Deal our friends bought us this and got us hooked! It's a faster, sneakier, more fun version of the board game. Perfect for traveling, camp, or game night. Be warned though, it gets cut throat pretty quick.

3. Sweet Almond Green Tea  from David's Tea. If you like Amaretto and a lighter tasting green tea you will love this! I have it every morning, it was a Christmas time tea, but they are still carrying it so run on over to here to order online.

4. Healthy Hoof  intensive protein treatment. Okay, so this was made for horses, but you gotta admit they got nice nails #aimiright?! kidding...but for real, this cheap cream helps strengthen and condition your nails while moisturizing your cuticles.

5. Sauve Moroccan infusion body lotion. I buy 1or 2 of these every time I go to the states. You can usually find it on sale at Target for $ you didn't misread...$2.99! This cream in both the Shea Butter or Sea Mineral Infusion is the nicest cream I have found...and I am comparing to Kiehl's Whipped Body Butter which for $60 per jar, gets passed over in my cupboard every time for this lightweight, soft, amazing smelling cream.


  1. I will take your Kiehl's cream! You can have the rest of my Morrocan cream!

    1. Throw in your first born and it's a deal! ;)