Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 New Years Resolutions (with updates)

Happy New Years Eve! I love new years resolutions and making lists of things I want to do...I am only mildly type A.

Here are my lists for this year....what are your resolutions?

New Years Resolutions:

1. Enjoy the moment

2. Less Swearing

3. More exercising

4. Less clean...Pack lunches

5. Plan less...enjoy more

6. Have patience for life's timeline

7. Laugh and find the joy in the little things

2016 To Do List - A work in progress, to be added to as I think of them  

1. Re do blog design and BLOG. (DONE)

2. Cook all the recipes in the Detox cook book (argh, why did I say this one?)

3. Do a 5km run this summer (Have started the C25K training again, this year it will happen!)

4. Finish a knitting project (of the 5 I have on the go) DONE, a dish cloth

5. Learn to do something new

6. Go on a Champagne 30th Birthday Trip (Planned, Traveled, DONE :( - NYC in May 2016)

7. Plan another summer camping trip (Planned-ish lol)

8. Re do upstairs bathroom (DONE, see pictures here)

9. Complete full house organization/dump/donate/organize (work in progress)

10. Do something with all the pictures I have taken in the last 2 years (Work in progress done a 2015 photo book, now I need to do a 2014 and will keep an ongoing one for 2016 to make life easier! - TG for Iphoto!)

                                Wishing you and your family a wonderful NEW YEARS EVE!

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