Monday, June 3, 2013

My First Post

Hello Blogging World...I have finally taken the plunge to creating my own page. I have been thinking about it for a while; its been on my bucket list, my 2013 to do list and finally my 27th birthday must ! So 4 days following my birthday, here we go!

I have been an avid blog reader for about 2.5 years, thanks to my sister who got me hooked on Pink Lou Lou. Since then I have branched out discovering about 6 blogs I read constantly. I love tuning in to see their stories, their DIY projects and to follow momentous occasions like weddings and pregnancies.  I love the honesty, the sharing, swapping of ideas and good laughs. Also, I think I can safely say I am a more stylish person (not that this was hard) because of the blogs I read. Shout out to all the fabulous bloggers who inspired me to start my own, I hope some of you find this entertaining or useful!

I suppose I should start by telling you all a little bit about myself. My name is Alexandra and I am a 27 year old Marketing Specialist living in Ontario, Canada! I am engaged to an amazing guy named Jeff and we are working on plans for our December 28th 2013 winter wedding!  I an avid baker, an outdoors lover, fashionista wannabe, a snowboarder, a chick-flick lover, wine enthusiast, a Rotarian, a sister, a daughter and wife to be!

The name for this blog came from a sleepless night a week ago. Have you seen this commercial? This was me...being philosophical about nothing as I tossed and turned. I had wanted my blog name to involve "Sunshine" as I love everything it stands for; a sunny day, positivity and happiness. Dare I admit my first email address was sunshine_*insert childhood nickname* I also wanted it to have something to do with baking (I am somewhat addicted to baking, but that's another story) so half asleep I believed I had the greatest blog name of all time....Sunshine & Butter.

Want a good laugh? Re-tell yourself things that seemed like such a good idea when you were trying to fall asleep! I told my (older, creative) sister who is a teacher and she came up with Sunshine & Sugar (much better alliteration) and the reason why I keep her on staff ;)

So here it is my Sunshine & Sugar; My scrapbook and recipe box, my stories and memories. I promise to post regularly, to double check my awful spelling and to do what I can to make this entertaining! we go!

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