Friday, August 5, 2016

Canoe Tripping: Meal Plans, Supplies & Packing List with updates

We are headed on our annual canoe trip today and for the first time, we are taking Finnegan. I am a little unsure of how it will all go, but here's hoping it works out. This year we are going for 3 days and 2 nights. I always google what other people bring to look for new ideas, so here is our list for meals, clothes and supplies.
* updated post trip with added items and crossed out things we didn't need*

Menu Plan

- Eggs, for making scrambled eggs and for fish batter (cracked into a plastic water bottle for easier transport)
- Instant oatmeal
- Protein bites (recipe here)

- Quinoa Salad (I made this one here)
- Cans of tuna
- PB sandwiches 

- Pistachios
- Beef Jerky
- Licorice 
- Cut up pineapple
- Spitz

- Fresh pickerel 
- Potatoes
- Pasta and sauce
- Italian sausages 

Cooking extras:
- salt, pepper, butter, parmesan cheese

Ready to be packed away

Packing List

First aid kit
Flash lights/head lamps 
Extra batteries
Water proof speakers/ipod
Bug spray
Garbage bags
Rope for misc. things and clotheslines & clothes pins
Toilet paper (in a ziplock bag)
Shovel (you can imagine for what)
Pot and frying pan
Spoon and flipper
Extra ziplock bags (for fish)
Biodegradable dish soap, cloth and bucket for doing dishes
Travel Mugs
Water bottles (1 case frozen to be our freezer packs and drinking water)
Bottled water
Water purifier
Life jackets
Deck of cards
Book we were too busy fishing lol
Sleeping bags
Travel pillows (huge mistake, uncomfy as all heck - bring better pillow next time)
Beer/drinks & coozies
Camping chairs
Fish filet knife
Fishing rods and tackle
Bear bangers
Cell phone (no service but will use for pictures)
Cell phone portable charger
Paddles (seems obvious, but don't want to forget lol)

I packed each Jeff and I our own snack/drink bag to have handy while canoeing. I put frozen waters, flavoured soda water, can of tuna, licorice and pistachios in mine.
My cooler bag

This is what I will be bringing, I am sure Jeff will bring half as much
- 2 bathing suits Forgot about skinny dipping, no bathing suit needed
- 1 pairs of shorts
- 1 pair of capris (workout style)
- 1 pair of sweatpants
- 1 long sleeve shirt
- 2 workout shirts (with built in bras, so no bras required)
- 1 rain jacket with a hood
- 3 pairs of underwear
- 2 pairs of socks
- 1 hat
- 1 buff (similar here) *so good for soaking and wearing around your neck in the blazing sun*
- 1 rash guard shirt
- 1 pair of sturdy, waterproof shoes. I bought these ones (sexy, I know) *seriously best things ever*

For Finnegan (our dog)
He has been treated for ticks
- Dog life jacket
- Towel
- Travel bowls
- Food
- Treats
- Frisbee

                                                                  Look how cute he is! 

dog in life jacket
All ready for his first canoe trip! 

Things I wish I brought:
- Baileys for morning tea and evening campfire drinks
- Some sort of cookie, I can't believe I went 3 days without haha
- Lemon for the fish
- Binoculars for checking out nature!


  1. Finnagen. He's just perfect. Where did you get that vest from? Have fun guys :)

  2. haha we got it from Pet Smartm, it worked very well!;pgid=18xgS3WC18tSRpU9NBI.Y3NT0000Fz-qNSH2;sid=a3SA7wzChkGB71tqrA7E6zzIiH_cSe_JN9L_cSun?var_id=36-28366&_t=pfm%3Dcategory