Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bathroom Renovation

One of the things on my winter "To Do" list was to renovate our upstairs bathroom. It was not a big project, just surface level things that I wanted to do and thought would make a big impact.

My List:
- New mirror with more pizazz 
- New light fixture (anything besides the pop star plain bulbs that were there)
- Paint the vanity and medicine cabinet
- Install new hardware on the vanity (it had never had handles - strange I know)
- Repaint the bathroom (the same colour but new coat)
- New pictures for the walls (still not done, haven't found anything I like yet)

I thought this would all be pretty easy, but it turns out it took a lot longer then I thought, also because I was learning how to do all these new things like patch holes, sand, install handles etc. It was not always pretty, but thanks to some help from my dad, and Jeff it is complete!

Here are the BEFORE pictures:
Bathroom Renovations - BEFORE
Bathroom BEFORE pics (I didn't know they were going to be used for this, so they aren't very nice)


Bathroom Renovations - AFTER
I love the cabinet colour - it was the colour of the door and trim in the room so it fits in nicely
Bathroom Renovations - AFTER

I used leftover paint from the original bathroom renovation.
The mirror took forever to find the right one, but in the end Homesense came through!
The hardware and light fixture I got at Home Depot.
The decorations are from various places, lots from Homesense (that store is the best!)

Side by Side View:

Bathroom Renovations - before and after
Side by Side Comparison


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